Employee Value Proposition

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is crucial as it helps attract top talent, enhance employee engagement and retention, differentiate the organization, and align employees with the company’s goals. A strong EVP communicates the unique benefits and rewards offered to employees, creating a compelling reason for them to join and stay with the organization. It contributes to a positive employer brand and helps create a motivated and productive workforce. Investing in a compelling EVP is essential for success in today’s competitive job market.

Recruitment and Hiring

Helping with ideas for Recruitment 


Brand campaigns

Media planning 



Referral program


An onboarding process is the first opportunity for a new employee to experience the brand and values of the organisation and therefore it is imperative that this experience is memorable and on point. There are two offerings in the onboarding services

  1. Saas – where we have partnered with insightful and effective cloud based onboarding applications to offer you a great process driven experience

  2. Consultant program – where we custom an onboarding program specific to certain needs with consultants driving it in person.

Learning and Development

Constant upskilling of employees and helping them stay abreast of what’s new in the world of technology and matters that are directly related to what your organisation’s products and services are help in productivity and employee satisfaction

Here are some of the Learning and Development programs we can offer

  • Designing of LND modules

  • Workshops and seminars with interesting subjects related to theatre, adventure, movement,health, improv, self defence, etc

  • Motivational speakers

Campaigns for specific culture initiatives and change management

We help design and execute initiatives that aim to drive culture and change. These could be around innovation, Inclusion and diversity, pride, etc.

Content for Sustenance Communication

Constant communication is vital for an organization to communicate effectively messaging around brand, various ongoing initiatives, culture, events, contests, need for participation, business, etc. We work with content creators and creative teams to design a calendar of communication activities with clear objectives and support all communication needs across different and efficient mediums to reach employees


Films are one of the most effective ways to communicate initiatives and ideas across the organization and to external stakeholders. We have a host of production partners to help produce an array of films from simple recruitment focused ones, to more complex brand and corporate videos.

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